Sentimental Money

This was given by Dad last New Year and I promised myself not to spend it because of its sentimental value and I know I'm one of the few who got my hands on the newly-designed Philippine currency. But a few days ago, I've saw something that I wanted to have for the longest time. So, I've decided to say goodbye to this. Bye bb, hope I'll see you in the future. :)


Midnight Masquerade's Mask Giveaway

Guess what? Midnight Masquerade, a local online mask shop, is giving away its 100th mask for free! And being an admirer of this store and its owner as well, I simply can’t resist the urge to join.

So here we go.

Breathtaking, intricate and a definite eyegasm -- this is how I will describe Laces and Chains, my favorite Midnight Masquerade mask. The palette and details such as the dangling crosses and the black feather, all represent elegance and mystery at the same time. It was commissioned by a Goth girl, hence, explains its Gothic Victorian feel.

The mask also manifests the mask maker's artistic vision, superb craftsmanship and attention to details. One can definitely see the passion she devotes in making masks.  I’m pretty sure that the client was satisfied with the outcome.

I really wanted to win this contest because it will be an extreme pleasure to win something from someone who serves as a constant inspiration. Yes, I’ve been a fan of the mask maker, Katrina Pallon for more than four years now. I admire all of her wonderful creations from her photographs, to her paintings, to these lovely masks and to her Goth band, Scarlet Tears.

So please, please I’m begging you guys with every fiber of my being to help me win this contest. It will only take you a minute or so.

First, you should be logged in to Facebook and like Midnight Masquerade page and then, like my entry. See, it’s that simple. Like it now!

Thank you so much and peace out. <3

Note: Originally posted on my Tumblr
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