If Not Now, When?

Since I can't see Incubus performing live tonight,the best way to compensate is to listen to their "If not now, when?" album all throughout the night. =)

All I Have is Sleight of Hand

I joined Odyssey's contest yesterday because they were giving away Incubus' concert tickets but didn't get lucky. These were the two entries I made but I submitted the second one.

It was a fun experience though; submitting my entry three hours before the deadline. Going to the mall, buying the album, scanning the album's receipt, sending my entry in the nick of time, oh I love the adrenaline rush.

Anyway, I'm optimistic I will see them in their concert in the future. So until that time. =)


The Quiet Girl Giveaway!

Want to win these awesome prizes from Quiet Girl a.k.a. Valerie Chua! Click here to find out how.


Cinemalaya 2011 (2)

These were the films that I've watched last Cinemalaya Film Festival and I must say I enjoyed every minute of them ♥.

I've been attending various film festivals these days. I know I should stop before I totally get broke but I'm still thinking of watching Cine Europa though. We'll see.


Cinemalaya 2011 (1)

Here’s a picture from Cinemalaya yesterday. That’s me, my good friend Naj and Rei, her friend. The original photo is quite harsh so I toned it down and gave it that lomo-ish feel.

Photo Credit: Naj



That's me, sis and mom and Harry behind her (lol) after watching the film.

Finally watch HP7 part 2 and I certainly enjoyed it, well not that much. Not the movie's entire fault, it's the movie house's due to their poor sound system. Grrr.

I like the movie especially Prof. Snapes confession of some sort but I feel like there some lacking elements to the movie itself. Is it because I didn't watch the first part? I still like it though. ♥


It All Ends

There is no denying that the Harry Potter fever is on especially now that its final film is showing. And I must admit I’ve been affected by the hype. So I decided that I’ll watch the so-called end of an era in 3D on theaters, even if it means it’s my first and last time doing so. I’m a fan of Harry Potter but not the hardcore type. I admit I haven’t even read the books (shame on me I know!) even when I already brought them home when a High School friend was lazy enough to bring them home, but I watch most of the movies on VCDs and DVDs.

Watching it also signifies a farewell to my childhood. I was twelve years old  when I first saw Harry Potter and it rekindled my childhood interest in witchcraft. I’m not sure if witchcraft/witches is mentioned on the book but the wizardry, spells, magic, potions and whatnots remind me of it. For most of us, Harry Potter serves as an escape from reality. It takes us to a place where fantasy and our wildest imaginations can come true. I am certainly  buying all books and watching the entire DVDs in the future. 

Thank you J. K. Rowling for making Harry Potter a part of this generation and to all the people who made the entire Harry Potter films. Kudos to you all!

P.S. I’m not really on the villain side, but they were my top three favorite actors in the film. Apparently, Alan Rickman a.k.a. Professor Severus Snape is my most favorite.

Image source


Bon Voyage for the Afterlife

All of my memories
Keep you near
In silent moments
Imagine you’d be here
-Memories, Within Temptation

For the loving memory of my cat. Corby, you will surely be missed. ♥


Five Movies Down, Five to Go.

Summer Days with Coo (2007)

One Million Yen Girl (2008)

Climber's High (2008)

Summit: A Chronicle of Stones (2009)

Villon’s Wife (2009)

These were all the films that I watched for Eiga Sai 2011. I still want to watch the remaining five films at  UP Film Institute (I mean four since Departures will not be shown there) but I'm not certain. 

If you're interested in watching, details are found here. I also suggest you to download the 2011 Eiga Sai flyer. (I just noticed that the schedule for UP Film Institue in the flyer is different from the screening schedule found on Now, I'm wondering what's the real schedule? Hmm.)

Eiga Sai 2011

So sis and I attended the second to the last day of Eiga Sai at Shangri-La Plaza and as expected, it was read: JAM-PACKED with people. This is my fourth year of attending this highly-anticipated event and believe me I know how it works especially during weekends. We intended to watch the first (Dapartures) and last (Villon’s Wife) film. As a general rule, tickets will be given an hour before the movie starts. But still, you should be earlier, like at least two hours or so before the movie starts. But let us just say that shit happens, we arrived there past 12pm so we just planned to fall in line in the chance seat wherein you can watch the movie 15 minutes after it starts. From the word itself, chance seats mean that your chance of watching the movie depends on the VIPs and people with tickets who will watch it since they are the priority. Unfortunately, when we got there, there were like thirty-plus people there.  Most of the time, chance seats can only accommodate 10-15 people, so from the moment I saw it, I already knew our fate, nonetheless we still joined the line. Who knows? A miracle might happen. My sister also invited a friend who also invited a friend, what? Lol. Even they were an hour ahead of us they still suffered the same fate. I advised them to just wait for the second film which I watched last Wednesday. But they didn’t want it because they were also after Departures. So they just joined our line. But as expected, few people were accommodated. After it, they just went home due to errands and school work. It was their first time to watch Eiga Sai but their effort just went nil. Really feel bad for them. Enough ranting. 

Crappy camera-phone photos coming your way yes because I didn’t bring Zephyr.

You can’t unsee that three-floor-high tarpaulin. Probably one of the reasons why the event became very viral.

Would you believe that it took us more than five hours to get these? And waited for another hour for the screening. So, that’s more than six hours in all. It’s a good thing we don’t get bored easily and yes, we were very patient.

Just to give you an idea how jam-packed Eiga Sai is during weekends.

Due to insistent public demand, there’s a last full show for Departures at 9:30 pm. And that’s the last chance to see it because there is no screening for it at UP Diliman.

But we can no longer afford that due to safety reasons. Nearest resort: watch it in Cebu and Davao…I’m kidding of course. Man, I really wanted to see Departures the moment I saw its trailer. It’s a good thing my friend downloaded it from torrent in high definition and with GOOD English subtitles. So I guess I’ll just improvise a home theater system for it to have that movie house atmosphere. Haha. Will keep you posted about it.

Villon’s Wife is the only PG-13 among the movies this year. I really like Villon’s Wife even though only three people (including me and sis) I think clapped when it ended. Perhaps, it’s just a matter of personal tastes. The film is about a wife who stood by her husband no matter what. It reminds me of indie films. Speaking of which, I can smell Cinemalaya days from now.

Just imagine how jam-packed this line guide (or whatever it is called) that Saturday.

Even the line for the chance seats of Departure’s last full show is still long.

Despite being jam-packed and waiting for long hours, I still enjoyed watching Eiga Sai. I hope you enjoy it as well. Anyway, see you again next year.  


Sparks 2011 and a Surprise

Last week, my sister and I attended the Sparks 2011, an annual photography convention. It was the same date as Toycon but I opted to attend this one instead. Anyway, I didn’t take pictures that much because I want to grasp what the 18 guest photographers had to say on the lecture. See, each of them was only given five minutes to talk. I really learn a lot and they made me delve into photography even more.

Some of the photos I took during the convention.

These models posed very well esp. the one in yellow. Too bad I didn’t give them justice on my shots. Such a major failure. =/

The event had also an exhibit for the Beatles.

The photos I took after the event.
Here we are with a bogus fish eye effect.
If you’re an avid reader of my Tumblr/blog, you had already noticed that I am fond of Bokeh and blurred shots.
This child and her balloon caught my attention because of their colors. Had a hard time “freezing” them but still happy I was able to do so somehow. 
The event didn’t end on the lecture alone. In fact, there was a photographer’s ball after it and it had some raffles. Prizes include digital cameras, video cameras, tripod etc. I wanted to go because I had a strong feeling that sis or I would win. I wanted the tripod because I badly need it. But sis didn’t want to go and once she decided it would be final. We could’ve gone our separate ways but I didn’t want to risk our safety just because of my selfishness. So we decided to go home but we had dinner first.
Just took photos of the free drink stub to compensate somehow. 

When we got home, a surprise was waiting for me.
I was the winner of the Midnight Masquerade’s 100th Mask giveaway. It looks like luck is on my side. Just last week, I also won The Abi Ong Project’s giveaway and last January, I won a post card set from Valerie Chua. Will keep you posted about my prizes. Ahh, I’m so ecstatic, can’t wait for my mask.

And on that note, I’ll end this post. :)


Store Review: Pack This!

It's undeniable that online stores are everywhere but there are always two sides of a coin. There are the deceptive ones and the ones that stick to what you see is what you get. Pack This! belongs to the latter.

A month ago, I purchased a pre-loved wig from this store. It's my first time buying online and paying through GCash that's why I'm really worried. But big thanks to Luisa, the store owner, she helped me with all of this GCash whatnots. That alone, speaks volume of its customer service.

The store also describes its products accurately. It's NOT like some online stores wherein their products look only nice in pictures but lacks quality in real life.Need proof? Here is the photo and description of the wig in the store's website:

Long black wig w/ bangs.
Slightly wavy.
Looks really natural.
Doesn't tangle easily.

And here it is after I purchased it.

Looking at my photo, you can tell that it does look natural. Notice the artificial scalp on top, it gives the illusion that it's a real hair. Like other wigs, it has the tendency to tangle but it's really manageable. The best thing about it is that it's free-size. Not only I can use it but I can also lend it to friends, plus you can style it in countless ways. Needless to say, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I'll definitely buy there again in the future.

If you're looking for pre-loved items and brand-new accessories in reasonable prices, please do pay Pack This! a visit. It is more than willing to serve you.

Customer service: *****
Products: *****

Mystery Package: A Wig from Pack This!

I know this is extreeeemely late but to those of you who are curious about my package last month, here it is. Tadah!

Yes, it is a wig: the thing on which I spent my sentimental money. Wondering why? See, I've always had the same hairstyle since birth and I want a change but not yet ready to give up my curls. Nearest resort: buy a wig.

Really want to buy it the moment I saw it months ago, but I didn't have the budget at the time. Thought it was already sold so when I found out that it was still on sale, I'm certain there is no stopping especially now that I have the money.

I look different and I love it.

By the way, I've bought this from Pack This! Will make a store review in a while. ;)
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