What's Up July?

Yes, I'm back after eons of inactivity! And I do apologize for that. Anyway, this is my supposed-to-be photo diary so you probably know the drill so let's past the intro, shall we?

  • Months ago. I've mentioned that I've been preparing for something. Now is the time for the reveal: me and sis took the Civil Service Exam (CSE) Professional Level and we've been busy reviewing for it. The outcome? We're so glad that we passed ... even though we're literally sleepless on the exam day itself (hello insomnia!). Thank you Dad for making us drink Bacchus that kept us awake the whole time and helped us answer the questions the best way that we could. Thanks also for fetching us and patiently waiting for us until the exam was over. Ultimately, thank you for your support. :)
  • Done my annual tradition of religiously watching Eiga Sai for the 5th year. Watched seven movies in all. Might watch the remaining three in UPD.
  • Also done another annual tradition of mine of watching Cinemalaya for the 6th year. Watched only two films because I was broke. Moreover, I saw one of my favorite local writers, Ricky Lee. Yay! A lot of good things happened during my attendance. More of those on a separate post. I promise!
  • Read a novel called The Gods and their Machines.  A sci-fi fantasy by Oisin Mcgann. I've been into a lot of self-help books for over a yaer so it's refreshing to read novels again. Anyway, the book is an interesting read but it left me hanging in the end (I demand part 2). Also, still reading The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.
  • Finally had a telescope, a sky and land telescope to be exact. I tell you what, sis and I have been wanting to own one for the longest time. Now all that is left to do is familiarize ourselves with it (it's kinda tricky) to be legit sky voyeurs.
  • Bought myself a black pre-loved creepers for only a hundred pesos. It's a major steal baby! 
  • Had improved my sleep by 20%. I kinow that's barely an improvement but I'll definitely fix myself soon.

That would be all. See you guys at my August updates. :)

Photo above was taken from my post here.

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