The One that Got Away

I was supposed to post this last Valentine’s but I didn’t get online that day. Anyway, I still decided to post this even if it’s rather late.  

This post is in reference to Katy Perry’s song that talks about a lost love. Just like the song, I also had someone that got away, only it wasn’t a lover. It’s an adorable kitten.


Inspiration Mondays: Eleanor Hardwick

Would you believe that these photos were taken by a 16 year-old? Well, believe it or not, they are. The 16 year-old (she was 16 when some of these were taken, she is now 18) photography wonder is Eleanor Hardwick. At a young age, both her personal and commercial works were published in the likes of Vouge, 125 and Independent. 

I found out about her when I stumbled upon her interview on Digital Photographer magazine. Her photos are quite stunning so I searched for her on the net and I was blown away. Her photos give me this certain feeling of nostalgia and sometimes some sort of surreal imagery. According to her interview, though most of her photos have a fashion-based approach, she likes her photos to tell a story. She said that what she tried to suggest in her images is a unison between realism and something more ethereal. 

Man, I’m definitely digging her style. I also like the fact that her equipment is not limited to DSLR, for she also uses analog and disposable cameras. She is nothing but quite inspiring. Looking at her photos make me want to grab my Zephyr and shoot right away in this very moment. I hope she inspires you too. :) Her official website here and flicker here.


Ninja, Voyeur or Insurgent?

That is M, my sleeping buddy. I bought him (I’d like to think he is male) over a year now from a thrift shop near our place for only 50 php and we’re stuck like glue ever since.  If he looks familiar, that is because he is one of Totoro’s friends in the anime movie, My Neighbor, Totoro

Anyway, I got him washed couple of days back and to my horror, his ears started to become floppy.  Apparently, my trusty buddy is showing signs of wear and tear. In fact, he had his ears stitched months ago. Good thing Mom put him inside a pillowcase to avoid further damage. Too bad, I can’t see his entire cuteness anymore. But at least, it’s less depressing to see him. Now he looks like a ninja or even a voyeur or an insurgent. Nah, he’s too cute for those, what do you think?


January Photodiary

Welcome to my first ever monthly photo diary. I intended to do a weekly one but I realized that a monthly photo diary is more manageable and fits my needs especially it takes days/weeks before I’m able to post again. I’m excited! Let’s start.

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