Arcade Parade

This week, my sister, cousin and I visited an arcade. It’s been ages since I last went to one and being there again was just refreshing. In fact, I’m getting hooked on collecting tickets in exchange for some interesting prizes. Just look at those items I got (last photo). So cute, no? Some of my favorite games are basketball and Jungle Jive while my cousin liked Super Cup, a guessing game. We especially enjoyed Speed Hockey.  It was a fun day indeed. Though, I’ve been approached by the guard and a staff because they’ve been alarmed that I’ve been taking lots of photos. They asked me what do I need the photos for, I replied for my blog. I don’t think understand so they just viewed my shots and the staff asked me to delete a photo of the Para Para Dance machine due to security reasons. I totally understand so no worries. And next time I promise myself to try my dorky dancing at Para Para Dance. For now, I’ll leave with a photo of us. Happy Midweek! (^_^)v

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