The Doll’s House

These were featured in Vogue Korea last December 2011 and  were photographed by the famous Korean photographer Cho Sunhee. It also features Sooyoung and Tiffany of SNSD. It also includes Kim Wonjoong as the male model. 

The photos are just utterly amazing. The concept, styling, photography and art direction are absolute love. And what I so love about them is that Sooyoung, my most favorite SNSD member, is on them. I've been meaning to post these lovely photos months ago but they keep slipping my mind. But better late than never, right? So there. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do. :)

Photos taken from here.


April Photo(less) Diary

As the title suggests, this is a photo less photo diary but I can assure you guys that there's a handful of photos waiting to be post-processed and I do promise to post them as soon as the computer's fixed. Actually, I expected that would be able to post at least twice a week for this month (thanks to queue settings) despite the fact that I'm mostly staying at home this summer season. But due to our computer's "death", I simply can't.

Anyway, I still see to it that I can go online at least once a week (hello computer shop!), so here I am. The computer's "death" won't stop me from updating, right? And since this is a photo less post, here are April's happenings in bullets.

  • been preparing for a really important stuff. might reveal it around June or July.
  • went to the Arcade with Sis and a cousin.
  • started a picture diary (this is mainly composed of doodles of each day's highlights)
  • got myself an underwater camera, two tumblers and a black lipstick
  • Dad gave me a brown malong
  • he also bought Pingkoy, a pink Easter monkey. Dad is the one responsible for his name. it's the combination of the words pink + unggoy (monkey). honestly,  it's meant for my three-year-old niece but it's way too cute that I told her that it was Dad's birthday present for me. hehe.
  • had a mocha cake for my 23rd birthday. also had a milk tea, some cookies and sweets.
  • sleep, sleep and sleep.
  • watched some movies I already watched.

So that's basically April is all about. To make up for the missing photos, here's a video of one of my favorite Japanese musicians, Mika Nakashima.

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