Rest for Now

As much as I want to rejoice that I finally have Zephyr, it seems that my happiness was short-lived. Kiera’s battery charger was missing which means I can no longer use it, well at least for now. My sister told me that maybe it was lost by itself because I had a new camera. Nonetheless, I just want to rest on the thought that I will find it one of these days. But don’t worry Kiera, Zephyr will do the work for you while you’re resting.


Summer Komikon 2011

If it wasn’t for our thesis, I wouldn’t know how rich our komiks industry is and that’s the time I got fonder of reading local komiks. I’ve been reading comics before that time, but they were more of comic strips and Witch, a comics for children (I got really childish sometimes). One of the few komiks that I have read were some volumes of Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina and those found on joke books. 

It was also because of our thesis when I said to myself that I will support the komiks industry by buying komiks and attending komiks conventions. I even keep every komiks-related article and clipping I found. Speaking of comic conventions, there is an annual komiks convention in our country that is well-attended by komiks lovers. I’m referring to Komikon.

It was 2009 when I found out about it. I accidentally discovered it while I was researching on our thesis which was about the current status of the Philippine komiks industry. I wanted to attend it out of curiosity. Unfortunately, there was always something that I need to prioritize. That is why even though I’ve discovered it two years ago; I can’t seem to attend it …but not until a week ago.

I was checking my facebook for some updates until I stumbled upon their call for volunteers. Since I don’t have a job for now, I found it very timely to join. Alas! I will finally attend it and I can volunteer at the same time. How cool is that? I wanted to tell it to my thesis mates who’s also fond of komiks but I didn’t because I know they were busy with their jobs. That night, Naj texted me that she also found out about it and she said that she will join too. It turned out that she resigned from her job days ago. Wow! I was ecstatic. So we both joined but her shift was on the afternoon while mine was on the morning. She requested for her shift to be changed but nobody wanted to exchange with her.

The day came and it was a fun and memorable experience. It was surprising that I enjoyed my duty more than the event itself. Maybe because I was exhausted to look around and take pictures after my shift but not that I was complaining. It’s good to know that there were still people who supports and spends on komiks despite the continuous price increase on almost everything.


I was also with my sister but she started complaining in the afternoon. I can’t really blame her; it’s her first time attending such convention, not to mention that she sat for hours while waiting for my shift to be over. But, she also had the time to spend with Naj since they were stuck with each other for some time. I also ran into someone, Nikki, my former practicummate.  But we just chatted for around ten minutes because sis and I were about to go home.

Moreover, I was able to meet a lot of komiks artists, have a picture with Tony De Zuniga and Manix Abrera.

I also scored some freebies such as Komikon bag, Jam, Komikon shirt, Komikon pin and even a certificate from volunteering. I also had a preview of some komiks to come.

So, see you all on the next Komikon?

P.S. Komiks is the Filipino term for comics. As you noticed, I’ve used the word many times which means I’m referring to the local version and not the foreign one. I didn’t also bring Zephyr since I am yet to familiarize myself with it.


Little Sister's Graduation

Today is my sister's graduation.
Congratulations Sis!
And to all the batch of 2011.


Merry Meet Zephyr

A few days before my 22nd birthday, Dad already gave me a gift. It was a shiny (insert sound fx here) Nikon D7000. Yehey! After eons of waiting I finally own one (well not entirely since I share with my Dad). As I’ve decided, I’ll call my first DSLR Zephyr. I originally want to name it Cinnamon but I save that one for my lomo camera. I think Zephyr is a cooler sounding name for a DSLR. Haha.  

Dad also bought a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Honestly, I’m only expecting an entry-level one. Zephyr was an entry-level DSLR yes but it has more advanced features which means I need to work pretty hard to be deserving of it. I know I have yet to familiarize myself with all the settings and have to do a lot of shooting. Just to clear things up, I’m not really a complete novice when it comes to photography. I’ve been taking photos for years now using digicams I borrowed from my classmates. I also took a Photojourn class when I was in college. It was only last year when I had finally had my own digicam. But still I’m not that confident, well at least for now, but I know I’ll definitely reach my dream to be a professional photographer. By the way I call my first digicam Kiera.

Just a little background. I practically grew up with my Dad’s photography. He’s not a professional photographer but he’s an absolute enthusiast. At that time, I didn’t really pay much attention to photography or to what I think is a simple picture taking. The only time I got interested in it was when I attended a basic photography workshop last 2007 at the Metropolitan Museum. I’ve learned a lot of stuff from it but somehow I’ve felt that I was left behind because all of my classmates were using DSLRs. Naturally, I envy them. Using a DSLR has its perks like instant results unlike using film wherein results would took a while, not to mention that it’s more expensive. It was also at that time that I got fond of stalking a certain blogger/photographer/artist and I admit she had inspired me a lot that I realized that I also want to be a professional photographer (and an artist as well) like her.  Flash forward to this day, now that I have Zephyr, I know I’m much closer on becoming one. 

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