Merry Meet Zephyr

A few days before my 22nd birthday, Dad already gave me a gift. It was a shiny (insert sound fx here) Nikon D7000. Yehey! After eons of waiting I finally own one (well not entirely since I share with my Dad). As I’ve decided, I’ll call my first DSLR Zephyr. I originally want to name it Cinnamon but I save that one for my lomo camera. I think Zephyr is a cooler sounding name for a DSLR. Haha.  

Dad also bought a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Honestly, I’m only expecting an entry-level one. Zephyr was an entry-level DSLR yes but it has more advanced features which means I need to work pretty hard to be deserving of it. I know I have yet to familiarize myself with all the settings and have to do a lot of shooting. Just to clear things up, I’m not really a complete novice when it comes to photography. I’ve been taking photos for years now using digicams I borrowed from my classmates. I also took a Photojourn class when I was in college. It was only last year when I had finally had my own digicam. But still I’m not that confident, well at least for now, but I know I’ll definitely reach my dream to be a professional photographer. By the way I call my first digicam Kiera.

Just a little background. I practically grew up with my Dad’s photography. He’s not a professional photographer but he’s an absolute enthusiast. At that time, I didn’t really pay much attention to photography or to what I think is a simple picture taking. The only time I got interested in it was when I attended a basic photography workshop last 2007 at the Metropolitan Museum. I’ve learned a lot of stuff from it but somehow I’ve felt that I was left behind because all of my classmates were using DSLRs. Naturally, I envy them. Using a DSLR has its perks like instant results unlike using film wherein results would took a while, not to mention that it’s more expensive. It was also at that time that I got fond of stalking a certain blogger/photographer/artist and I admit she had inspired me a lot that I realized that I also want to be a professional photographer (and an artist as well) like her.  Flash forward to this day, now that I have Zephyr, I know I’m much closer on becoming one. 

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