Quick Updates and Hello 23!

Some of you are probably enjoying the much-deserved summer break. As for me, I am staying at home for the rest of summer. Yes, this is my kind of life every summer. But I'm pretty used to it. Just went out tonight to do an obligatory birthday post. Talk about hikikomori life. Haha. But I'm busy doing something else. I'll just reveal it when I reveal it (what? lol). 

By the way, I tweeted last week that our computer's dead (again) and it happened just when I'm about to post my blog posts on queue. Tough luck, huh? Hence, the reason why I couldn't update as much as I want to. I'm actually blogging in the computer shop right now and this is the first time. I also want to post photos but I  am yet to post-process them at home. Ugh, when am I able to maintain to post at least once a week? I really hope our computer will be fixed asap.

I also turned 23 today. How time flies? Nothing special really. I don't usually celebrate my birthday. Just a normal day with my family. But some milk tea, cookies and sweets won't hurt. Hohoho!  * u * 
For now, I'll leave you with the latest music videos from one of my favorite K-pop and K-rock groups. Enjoy!

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