March Photodiary

Unlike the first two months, March has been more action-packed (somehow) because I went out a couple of times. Went to LogosHope with Nexxa and this is also the time when I got a lot of acquisitions. Also, photos of some of our dogs while bathing and snapshots of found objects. 

On another note, I intended to fix my much screwed up sleeping pattern (my day turned into night and vice versa).  This kind of sleeping pattern started when I was in fourth grade, though not this worse. My sleeping pattern back then was that I sleep in the wee hours of the morning, very unusual for a kid at those times. But recently, it’s really getting worse. All I’m getting is a series of catnaps so I’m quite stressed out. I should fix this before I get a job. Ahhh, old habits die hard indeed.

That’s basically all folks. 

Btw, April is my birthday month so let’s see what’s in store for me. Until then. :)

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