An Afternoon at Logos Hope

These were taken when Nexxa (my sister) and I went to Logos Hope, dubbed as the largest floating bookstore in the world and the sister ship of MV Doulos in case you’re wondering. It's our first time that’s why we’re really excited. We’ve been wanting to drop by since its arrival.

Surely, there were a lot of books not to mention people. The books that they have are mostly religious and for children. The only books I got really interested in were the books about cats but I didn’t buy them for I have a plenty of those at home (in fact I haven’t even finish some). I went to the Art section but I was disappointed because there were only five books. I guess it all depends on what type of books you’re looking for in order to make your visit worthwhile. But, I also took into consideration that the books that  might have suit my taste were already sold since it’s the second to the last day when we went there. Funny thing is that, the only book I bought is a small one called A Charlie Brown Christmas and the rest of our purchases were all souvenir items. The floating bookstore also offered CD’s from various gospel and religious artists. I also met a Japanese volunteer named Aya and had a photo with her (not shown here though). So that's basically it. :)

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