February Photodiary

I mentioned last month that I want February to be action packed and with that, I aimed to go out once a week and get some sort of social life. I intended to go to Pasinaya 2012 and Myth of the Human Body Exhibit but I failed. I also planned to do a photo shoot but I rescheduled it next month due to unforeseen circumstances. Do watch out for it soon. Apparently, I haven’t accomplished that much. Hence, photos of found objects in the house again. Come Valentine’s Day and I just stayed at home since it’s not our family tradition to celebrate it. Just an ordinary day really. Though we were surprised when Dad bought roses for Mom, sis and me. That’s the first time he did it and that’s very thoughtful of him.

Anyway, looking on the bright side, here are the good things that happened to me this month. I purchased new clothes which were intended for the model for the photo shoot. I got a cute shirt as well. I also had a new planner from Mercury Drug. Hehe. I also did a poem and a mini-drawing. The later part of the month was spent on having a new blog theme and modifying it. Same went for my Tumblr. Although, there weren’t so much happening, I guess February’s not that bad at all. How about you guys? How did your February go? :)


Ela said...

Lovely photos!

tolens said...

Thank you! :)

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