The One that Got Away

I was supposed to post this last Valentine’s but I didn’t get online that day. Anyway, I still decided to post this even if it’s rather late.  

This post is in reference to Katy Perry’s song that talks about a lost love. Just like the song, I also had someone that got away, only it wasn’t a lover. It’s an adorable kitten.

I’m going to start on the day I found it. The dogs were barking really hard that day. I went outside to check, and then I realized there was a stray kitten inside. The neighbor’s dog was probably chasing it. Tough luck for it, we also have dogs inside but they were chained anyway. As an ailurophile, I can’t resist the urge to adopt it. No one was looking for it anyway.

It was male and I named him Chubby. I made him stay at the back of the house because aside from the dogs outside, we also have dogs inside. But I also took him inside from time to time. Chubby was quite a gift. It’s been a while since I had a kitten (I still have three cats at the time but they are already adults) so it’s really refreshing. I always cuddle him.

Sadly, his stay was pretty quick. I woke up one day and he was suddenly gone. I didn’t know where he went. Two things ran on my mind. First, maybe the older cats told him to leave. Second, he might’ve seen his Mom or Dad on the roof and went with them. No wonder, he had advanced climbing skills for a kitten. After that day, Mom told me that she called Chubby and he answered back. I checked again, he might’ve climbed the wall and maybe fell on the other side. But I never saw or heard him again. I got really sad but I just want to think that he’s happy wherever he is right now.
There you have it. Chubby, the one that got away.

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