January Photodiary

Welcome to my first ever monthly photo diary. I intended to do a weekly one but I realized that a monthly photo diary is more manageable and fits my needs especially it takes days/weeks before I’m able to post again. I’m excited! Let’s start.

Most days were spent at home. Hence, photos of found objects, a recent online purchase from Pack This!, birds, pets, neighbor’s pet and random stuff. The only time I went out was when I had a pedicure (in a salon for the first time) and a new haircut which is barely unnoticeable by the way. I’ve been busy most of the time because I did the final preparations for my online shop. I also went to the arcade twice. More of that on my next post. Btw, the coins on the photos are the new design of Philippine peso coin and the gray stuffed toy is M, my sleeping buddy. You’ll hear more about him soon. I also wrote a random poem which I posted on my century old Livejournal. That’s all. Hopefully, next month will be action-packed. I’m also looking forward to do a photo shoot. See you all next month.  ♥


Dani said...

Haaaa you have to teach me how you process your photos!

violet skyy said...

Nothing really special. I just play around with curves until I'm satisfied. :)

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