Welcome to Corby’s Closet!

My first post for the year Alas! January was quite busy for me for I did the final preparations for my online shop. More details below. :) 

Last Saturday was very special because one of my dreams was finally realized. I officially opened Corby’s Closet, my online shop that sells pre-loved clothing. Yay! 
Oh man, it was my dream to start a business way back in college but at the time I was aiming to sell accessories. Sadly, I didn’t push through with it due to my hectic student life. After some time I rekindled my interest and decided to sell pre-loved clothing on the net. Hence, Corby’s Closet was conceptualized. I am fond of alternative fashion that’s why the clothes you’ll be seeing are distinctive and most of all affordable. I also plan to sell accessories and whatnot occasionally.

I was supposed to open it last year but there were things that always get out of hand. Fortunately, I was able to tie up loose ends somehow. Another thing is that I learned everything from scratch. Basically, everything was self-taught. Geez, it has been a roller coaster ride but the happiness that comes with it feels like a personal achievement. It was definitely worth it. View our first collection here. By the way, Corby's Closet also have a Facebook like page.

Let’s all hope it would be great. Cheers! 

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