Advance Valentine Greeting

A very early valentine post because I'm bored. O_O


Blurred Days

There are days when you are faced with a lot of difficulties then everything seems like a blur. And you just want to stay in bed all day.


CosplayGen #2

This came in the mail today. It’s the second issue of CosplayGen with an article and photos by China Mungcal regarding different J-fashion styles. I also got lucky to have her autograph on it. :)


Cookie-Mini Review

It’s been around a month since I had my shiny LG Cookie-Mini or simply known as LG T300 and today I’ll provide you guys with a quick review.

Very light and convenient
Good sound quality
Good camera (under sufficient lighting)
Can record phone conversations
Can record directly from FM radio

Slow, doesn’t respond easily
Not suitable for people with big fingers
Can’t listen to music/radio while texting
If you’re listening to a certain station for a time, radio dial goes back to the first station once you change the station
No Wi-Fi

Specs found here.

What I really like about this phone is the cute cartoon user interface (which accommodates my childishness haha!) and its convenience. Looking at the pros and cons, I think it has a fair share of them.  Thus, I still like my Cookie-Mini over other phones. It’s also pretty sturdy. Less than a week after I bought it, it accidentally got soaked in water for half an hour due to my clumsiness. It took some days for the water to dry completely but it was still back to its normal working condition.

This could be the perfect phone for me only if it has: Wi-Fi, 3 MP camera, higher memory, faster response and most of all if it’s in clamshell. But since this phone only provides some basic necessities, I couldn’t ask for more.

If you’re like me who’s looking for a phone that can provide the basics and convenience at the same time, this might be the phone for you. But I don’t think this phone is still available because when I bought mine there were only a few of them and LG is no longer making this model. Don’t lose hope though, this phone is one of LG’s best sellers, I’m optimistic that LG will make something similar to it. Who knows, it might even better? 

So that’s it guys. I hope you learn a thing or two from this. 

Ratings: 3/5 stars


Inspiration Mondays: Natsumi Hayashi aka "The Girl Who Flies"

As I’ve mentioned on my older post, I will start adding variety to my post. That’s why I came up with this weekly inspiration post.  So let’s get started. 

I was browsing the net and I stumbled upon this awesome girl's website and from there I immediately became a fan and this had led me to feature her on my first ever weekly inspiration post. Her photos are totally eye catching. Looking at them gives this ethereal feel. There’s a certain grace and weightlessness on them that makes you think she’s really flying. Certainly, Natsumi had inspired me a lot and she made me strive more to do better in taking photos. I also like her fashion style. It reminds me of mori girl and natural kei styles. I tried doing her jumps but I miserably failed. I think she took ballet classes before that’s why she already mastered those graceful “flying” shots or maybe not. 
Some of her photos have this 3D effect. According to her, you can view these photos in 3D without using any optical glasses or viewer by doing the following:
For cross viewing, please see the image on the right with your right eye, the image on the left with your left eye. For parallel viewing, Please see the image on the right with your left eye, the image on the left with your right eye. Cool, no?

Aside from doing her "flying photos", she also took lovely photos of various things and she is also fond of cats, an ailurophile like me. 

 The girl behind all of these photos. Visit her website to see more of her photos.


New Phone!

It has been four years since I had my first phone and it was already showing signs of wear and tear that's why I needed to buy a new one. My new phone was an LG Cookie Mini T300 which I bought over a week ago.  My entire family was complaining that it was like a toy, but that’s exactly why I wanted it. Anyway, I also scored matching pink earphones for only 88php. :) Will make a review in the coming days. 

Remembering NU 107

It has been officially a year since we last heard NU107 on the airwaves. I’ve been a fan of the station myself and I love their shows especially their remote control weekends. To complement my nostalgia, I’m posting these photos (from the scrapbook which I am yet to return) taken by my classmates during our radio tour in the station last 2007. 


Whispers: A Post-Halloween Post

I did a mini-photoshoot for halloween. It's been a while since I did people photography (not that I'm a professional photographer but in time I know I will be one) and I think it's not that bad .

Model: Vanexxa Tolentino
Photography & Post-Processing: Me 


What's in the photo?

It’s November once again which means Halloween and Halloween is about  Halloween parties, scary costumes, trick or treats, horror movies, and scary stories. Speaking of which, I will share this timely story and photo. 
It was 2008 when this photo was taken outside our Radio Lab. The guy on the photo was Harley and the one who took it was Grenald, both were my school mates. What happened was that, Harley asked Grenald to take a photo of him. Grenald did exactly that using his phone. So it was done. After several days, Grenald told Harley that there seemed to be someone/something behind his back on the photo and they were both surprised. If you look closely, you’ll notice a pair of legs behind Harley. At first we thought that maybe Grenald photoshopped it to fool us but he told us that he didn’t even know how to use Photoshop. Or maybe it was Ayen, one of my group mates because she’s wearing black skinny jeans at that time just like what the figure was wearing but she told us she didn’t remove her shoes. 
Okay, I’m can’t seem to find the perfect words to describe the photo accurately so I’m borrowing my Professor’s words
In the photo you will see the student posing for the camera. At the left side, just below his right hand, you will see a thin long stick-like figure that appear to be legs of an unknown being. The foot seems to be elevated (it's the shadow below it that causes this impression) and it seems to have six toes (not very accurate as I am not really very sure). As you can see, the legs have no upper body. From the viewer's perspective and if you have seen the location where it was shot, it appears that the physical dimension of the figure does not conform to the actual human form. If somebody stood behind the guy in the photo, his foot should not have been seen and his body should have appeared larger. In case he moves backward to show the foot, it would have been a little farther from the body of the student. The figure which doesn't have a body in the photo cannot possibly bend to hide the upper body because the physical space in the photo do not allow such.
I can vouch this photo was real because I was in the exact place when it was taken. Notice the people at the back, I was one of them. I was sitting on the floor, the one in black shirt and jeans. I was there because our group was having a meeting for our finals on Film Aesthetics class. I swear we were the only people there aside from Harley and Grenald. Harley and Grenald even asked their professor who is knowledgeable in photo post-processing for the photo’s authenticity (the same professor to whom I borrow the words above) and according to him, there is no way that the photo was edited.
Harley also asked around. He asked the janitor if there was something weird happening around the radio lab. The janitor replied that he did see a pair of legs running around when he was cleaning the area in the late hours of the evening.  There were also other scary stories happening on that floor. At some point, the photo became viral esp. with the Masscom students who regularly hold a class in the radio lab. There was also a time when I was with Harley when an English professor called him just to ask him if the photo was real. It turned out that the English professor was teaching on the fifth floor where radio lab was located and he learned about the photo when his Masscom students showed it to him.
So what or who is really behind Harley? Nobody really knows.
How about you? Do you have scary stories? I’d love to hear them.
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