Inspiration Mondays: Natsumi Hayashi aka "The Girl Who Flies"

As I’ve mentioned on my older post, I will start adding variety to my post. That’s why I came up with this weekly inspiration post.  So let’s get started. 

I was browsing the net and I stumbled upon this awesome girl's website and from there I immediately became a fan and this had led me to feature her on my first ever weekly inspiration post. Her photos are totally eye catching. Looking at them gives this ethereal feel. There’s a certain grace and weightlessness on them that makes you think she’s really flying. Certainly, Natsumi had inspired me a lot and she made me strive more to do better in taking photos. I also like her fashion style. It reminds me of mori girl and natural kei styles. I tried doing her jumps but I miserably failed. I think she took ballet classes before that’s why she already mastered those graceful “flying” shots or maybe not. 
Some of her photos have this 3D effect. According to her, you can view these photos in 3D without using any optical glasses or viewer by doing the following:
For cross viewing, please see the image on the right with your right eye, the image on the left with your left eye. For parallel viewing, Please see the image on the right with your left eye, the image on the left with your right eye. Cool, no?

Aside from doing her "flying photos", she also took lovely photos of various things and she is also fond of cats, an ailurophile like me. 

 The girl behind all of these photos. Visit her website to see more of her photos.

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