Cookie-Mini Review

It’s been around a month since I had my shiny LG Cookie-Mini or simply known as LG T300 and today I’ll provide you guys with a quick review.

Very light and convenient
Good sound quality
Good camera (under sufficient lighting)
Can record phone conversations
Can record directly from FM radio

Slow, doesn’t respond easily
Not suitable for people with big fingers
Can’t listen to music/radio while texting
If you’re listening to a certain station for a time, radio dial goes back to the first station once you change the station
No Wi-Fi

Specs found here.

What I really like about this phone is the cute cartoon user interface (which accommodates my childishness haha!) and its convenience. Looking at the pros and cons, I think it has a fair share of them.  Thus, I still like my Cookie-Mini over other phones. It’s also pretty sturdy. Less than a week after I bought it, it accidentally got soaked in water for half an hour due to my clumsiness. It took some days for the water to dry completely but it was still back to its normal working condition.

This could be the perfect phone for me only if it has: Wi-Fi, 3 MP camera, higher memory, faster response and most of all if it’s in clamshell. But since this phone only provides some basic necessities, I couldn’t ask for more.

If you’re like me who’s looking for a phone that can provide the basics and convenience at the same time, this might be the phone for you. But I don’t think this phone is still available because when I bought mine there were only a few of them and LG is no longer making this model. Don’t lose hope though, this phone is one of LG’s best sellers, I’m optimistic that LG will make something similar to it. Who knows, it might even better? 

So that’s it guys. I hope you learn a thing or two from this. 

Ratings: 3/5 stars

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