Excerpts of June: A (Still Supposedly) Photo Diary

Everything comes in threes is what they say, so here is my third (supposedly) photo diary. I don't know how long this will last but I hope it will end soon. I terribly miss post-processing. Though I started film photography, I still shoot in digital sometimes but I can no longer do that because all my memory cards are full. :( Anyway, the highlights are:

  • joined  the Free Heritage Postal Tour.
  • had been introduced to the interesting world of Philately.
  • read a book about Vatican City that has mind blowing artworks and photos!
  • been mentioned by Valerie Chua on her tweet. she also replied to my tweet to her *u* (yes, I'm mababaw like that). our conversation was about how I love her voice and her original composition.
  • found a two-day-old kitten and as an ailurophile, I adopted her and named her Suerte.
  • went to a job fair and it reminded me of anime/cosplay conventions in terms of filling out forms and getting freebies. haha!
  • started watching Fringe season 2. finally!
  • been featured by Dani of Awesome in Manila. hooray!
And that would be all. Thank you!

Photo above is one of my old photos found on my Flicker.


Tips for Watching Eiga Sai 2012

This is my 5th year of attending Eiga Sai and today I'll give you guys comprehensive tips (lol) on how to maximize your attendance. These will be very helpful especially if this is your first time attending.

But before we move on, please be reminded that these tips only apply if you're watching Eiga Sai (and maybe some other free film festivals) at Shang Cineplex. Also, these are based on my experience watching it at Shang in the last three years (my first was at CCP) so changes might occur this year. But I hope this still helps. Let's start, shall we?
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