Excerpts of June: A (Still Supposedly) Photo Diary

Everything comes in threes is what they say, so here is my third (supposedly) photo diary. I don't know how long this will last but I hope it will end soon. I terribly miss post-processing. Though I started film photography, I still shoot in digital sometimes but I can no longer do that because all my memory cards are full. :( Anyway, the highlights are:

  • joined  the Free Heritage Postal Tour.
  • had been introduced to the interesting world of Philately.
  • read a book about Vatican City that has mind blowing artworks and photos!
  • been mentioned by Valerie Chua on her tweet. she also replied to my tweet to her *u* (yes, I'm mababaw like that). our conversation was about how I love her voice and her original composition.
  • found a two-day-old kitten and as an ailurophile, I adopted her and named her Suerte.
  • went to a job fair and it reminded me of anime/cosplay conventions in terms of filling out forms and getting freebies. haha!
  • started watching Fringe season 2. finally!
  • been featured by Dani of Awesome in Manila. hooray!
And that would be all. Thank you!

Photo above is one of my old photos found on my Flicker.

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