April Photo(less) Diary

As the title suggests, this is a photo less photo diary but I can assure you guys that there's a handful of photos waiting to be post-processed and I do promise to post them as soon as the computer's fixed. Actually, I expected that would be able to post at least twice a week for this month (thanks to queue settings) despite the fact that I'm mostly staying at home this summer season. But due to our computer's "death", I simply can't.

Anyway, I still see to it that I can go online at least once a week (hello computer shop!), so here I am. The computer's "death" won't stop me from updating, right? And since this is a photo less post, here are April's happenings in bullets.

  • been preparing for a really important stuff. might reveal it around June or July.
  • went to the Arcade with Sis and a cousin.
  • started a picture diary (this is mainly composed of doodles of each day's highlights)
  • got myself an underwater camera, two tumblers and a black lipstick
  • Dad gave me a brown malong
  • he also bought Pingkoy, a pink Easter monkey. Dad is the one responsible for his name. it's the combination of the words pink + unggoy (monkey). honestly,  it's meant for my three-year-old niece but it's way too cute that I told her that it was Dad's birthday present for me. hehe.
  • had a mocha cake for my 23rd birthday. also had a milk tea, some cookies and sweets.
  • sleep, sleep and sleep.
  • watched some movies I already watched.

So that's basically April is all about. To make up for the missing photos, here's a video of one of my favorite Japanese musicians, Mika Nakashima.

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