Heima’s Design Discussions 2 x MT Launch

How’s everyone? I apologize for the long absence. Actually, I intended to attend a handful of events since November and blog about them but there were things that always got in the way. It’s either I suddenly became lazy, unpredictable weather, lack of companion, venues themselves and time constraints. But hey, I still managed to attend one last week, which is probably the last event I’ll be attending this year. I’m talking about Heima’s Design Discussions 2 which I accidentally stumbled upon the net.

The second installment of HDD2 features talks from guest artists: Kat Encanto on Design and Innovation, Dan Matutina on Graphic Design, Fozzy Dayrit on Calligraphy, Valerie Chua on Illustration, and Diego Mapa on Music and Tarsius (his new band). I always like attending talks regarding art in general but what I’m really excited about this is that Valerie Chua would come. Valerie is one of my local favorite illustrators. Also, at the time, her first exhibit was still running on the same venue. So, it’s obligatory for me to go to the talk, see her exhibit and ultimately, see her in person. The first photo below was a slide from Dan Matutina's lecture.  The actual  slide had a dog hanging from one of the letters and a man trying to save it. But that detail was lost when I post-process the photo. :( The second one was when Fozzy Dayrit was demonstrating her craft.
The event also coincided with Heima’s launching of its new product which is MT Washi masking tapes. Basically, they are masking tapes available in various colors and patterns. But there’s more to it than that. MT has a lot of uses ranging from sticking notes and photos, giving oomph to ordinary things, even making an actual artwork out of it. MT’s patterns are way too cute. I’m certainly going to buy some next time.  
During the first hour of the talk, there were also other guest artists who were doing some artworks using MT. Valerie also participated on that one. After they were done, their works were displayed for people to see (you can see some of the artworks below). Artists: 1) Andrea Cervantes, 2) Nic Lim, 3) Irene Sy, 4) MJ and Rian Of Heima, 5) Valerie Chua.
 Also, here are other photos from the event.

By the way, I didn’t include photos of Valerie’s exhibit on this post because I decided to make a separate post about it right after this. Speaking of Valerie, I’ll end this post with her advice on aspiring artists. This was also taken from her slides during her talk. So that’s it folks. :)

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