It All Ends

There is no denying that the Harry Potter fever is on especially now that its final film is showing. And I must admit I’ve been affected by the hype. So I decided that I’ll watch the so-called end of an era in 3D on theaters, even if it means it’s my first and last time doing so. I’m a fan of Harry Potter but not the hardcore type. I admit I haven’t even read the books (shame on me I know!) even when I already brought them home when a High School friend was lazy enough to bring them home, but I watch most of the movies on VCDs and DVDs.

Watching it also signifies a farewell to my childhood. I was twelve years old  when I first saw Harry Potter and it rekindled my childhood interest in witchcraft. I’m not sure if witchcraft/witches is mentioned on the book but the wizardry, spells, magic, potions and whatnots remind me of it. For most of us, Harry Potter serves as an escape from reality. It takes us to a place where fantasy and our wildest imaginations can come true. I am certainly  buying all books and watching the entire DVDs in the future. 

Thank you J. K. Rowling for making Harry Potter a part of this generation and to all the people who made the entire Harry Potter films. Kudos to you all!

P.S. I’m not really on the villain side, but they were my top three favorite actors in the film. Apparently, Alan Rickman a.k.a. Professor Severus Snape is my most favorite.

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