Sparks 2011 and a Surprise

Last week, my sister and I attended the Sparks 2011, an annual photography convention. It was the same date as Toycon but I opted to attend this one instead. Anyway, I didn’t take pictures that much because I want to grasp what the 18 guest photographers had to say on the lecture. See, each of them was only given five minutes to talk. I really learn a lot and they made me delve into photography even more.

Some of the photos I took during the convention.

These models posed very well esp. the one in yellow. Too bad I didn’t give them justice on my shots. Such a major failure. =/

The event had also an exhibit for the Beatles.

The photos I took after the event.
Here we are with a bogus fish eye effect.
If you’re an avid reader of my Tumblr/blog, you had already noticed that I am fond of Bokeh and blurred shots.
This child and her balloon caught my attention because of their colors. Had a hard time “freezing” them but still happy I was able to do so somehow. 
The event didn’t end on the lecture alone. In fact, there was a photographer’s ball after it and it had some raffles. Prizes include digital cameras, video cameras, tripod etc. I wanted to go because I had a strong feeling that sis or I would win. I wanted the tripod because I badly need it. But sis didn’t want to go and once she decided it would be final. We could’ve gone our separate ways but I didn’t want to risk our safety just because of my selfishness. So we decided to go home but we had dinner first.
Just took photos of the free drink stub to compensate somehow. 

When we got home, a surprise was waiting for me.
I was the winner of the Midnight Masquerade’s 100th Mask giveaway. It looks like luck is on my side. Just last week, I also won The Abi Ong Project’s giveaway and last January, I won a post card set from Valerie Chua. Will keep you posted about my prizes. Ahh, I’m so ecstatic, can’t wait for my mask.

And on that note, I’ll end this post. :)

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