The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Alas! My first post ever.

I have this account for quite some time now and this is the first time I’m posting something. Don’t ask. I’ve been really busy for the longest time.

Enough talk. Let’s get started.

It has been almost seven months since I graduated and I’m still unemployed. It’s a good thing my parents are understanding. It’s not that I’m lazy or whatsoever finding a job, I just want to take my time, now that hectic and overwhelming college days were over. And because of this, I can finally do the things I enjoy such as photography, drawing, learning new things, fixing my stuff, watching movies, art films, music videos, theater plays, anime, reading books and graphic novels, going to exhibits, ukay shopping, playing with pets and a lot more of random stuff.

Actually, it kind of scares me that once I start working I cannot find time to do these things. I’m scared that I will lose my creative process which is very important to me. 

Anyway, I already applied for a broadcasting network. It would be a little sad if I don’t get accepted because two of my close friends were already working there. But since we spent most of our college days together, maybe a time off with them would be just fine.

If I don’t make it, I’ll apply for an advertising agency as a copy writer. I’ve been always fascinated by witty advertisements especially TVCs. I often dream of making one. One more thing I like in advertising is the constant exercise of creativity. Some say that working in advertising burns you out, but I think if you really enjoy what you’re doing, then it won’t feel like work at all. 

But, even though I have plans for living my life the way I want, still, I don’t know what kind of life I would be leading because we can never be too sure. Sometimes, things just don’t go the way we want them but I truly believe that there is a reason for everything. For instance, even before graduation, I have this feeling that my future job has nothing to do with my course and it would be either related to music or art. And the funny thing about it is that I can’t even sing decently and I don’t know how to play any musical instrument but I love listening to different kinds of music. As for art, well, I’ve been reading art stuff lately. Actually, it’s kind of too late when I realized that I want to pursue it. I can draw but there are lots of improvements to be done. See, I’m not quite sure why I’m pre-occupied by these things, but who knows? I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.   

Moving on, these are some of the things I did while having a “vacation.”

Dashboard Confessional Meet and Greet

Sorry for the crappy quality but this is the most decent picture (above) that I had because I couldn’t find the right angle due to the crowd. This one is a still shot actually.

This picture was taken from the screen while they were being interviewed on stage. Hence, the blurred quality. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch their concert or buy their latest album but seeing them in person especially Chris Carraba was already enough. I think Chris is more attractive on screen than in person but I love him just the same. <3

El Dia del Español at Instituto Cervantes

Me and sis attended the second El día del Español (The Spanish Language Day) at Instituto Cervates last June. It’s an open house event. There are lots of games, photo exhibit, free Spanish demo class, freebies and so much more. It was a nice experience; I hope there will be another one next year.

Mythology Class 

Alas! I finally read it. I’ve been searching for this book for a while. Fortunately, Naj, my friend lent it to me. She was supposed to sell it to me but she changed her mind. Anyway, Mythology Class never failed to entertain me as expected. The idea of adventure and injecting it with Philippine folklore is very interesting. Arnold  Arre is surely one of the talented storytellers of the country. I’m looking forward to read more of his works.

Eiga Sai 2010

Eiga Sai literally means Movie Festival. It was in 2008 when I first watched it. I was so enthralled that I promised myself to see it every year as long as I have the time. Now on my third year of watching it, I decided to watch the ones with interesting titles, but I ended up watching all of them. Haha!  It was all free but you should have a ticket which was distributed an hour before the screening. 

TIP: You have to be very early because the line was very long especially during weekends. As for me, I fell in line for two hours within six consecutive days but it was all worth it.   

There were a total of ten films and here are my top three favorites: 

My top three is Always Sunset on Third Street 2 (Always zoku San-chome no yuhi)  is one of the films that I really looked forward to since I watched the first  part last year. It was set in Tokyo in the late 1950s and tells a story about love, friendship, striving and moving forward. The film’s balance between drama and comedy makes it more interesting. This movie can definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Next is Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor (Kafka Inaka isha). Well, I’m not really familiar with the original story but the unusual and dark animation just blew my mind.

And my top one is drum roll...Fourteen (Juyon-sai). I’ll definitely understand if most people put it last on their list or not at all. The slow pacing, dragging scenes and sometimes confusing plot explains it all. Another thing is that, most characters are twisted (which is very intriguing to me) and that’s the very reason why I love it. You might be wondering why but it’s just that I understand what the characters are all going through. Perhaps I’m as twisted as them or maybe even more. Okay, enough psycho talk.
Cinemalaya 6 

As for Cinemalaya, it has been my fourth year of attendance. Actually, I did not intend to go at all since I just finished my Eiga Sai marathon but that’s the only time I can return Mythology Class to Naj. I watched two films. The first one was Limbunan, under the new breed category and the other was Brother from Another Planet, a foreign exhibition film.

I also attended the awards night with my sister. As expected, PLM Masscom peeps were there. I was glad I bonded with my former classmates and friends. I also had a picture with two of my favorite actresses, Ina Feleo and Tetchie Agbayani.

Out of the Ordinary/Extraordinary: Japanese Contemporary Photography Exhibit

Maybe, I was Japanese in my past life because there are many things that always fascinate me about Japanese stuff; anime, manga, sushi, geisha, kimono, yukata, cosplays, their culture, music, fashion, art, movies, technology and even the way they speak and so much more. That’s why I couldn’t wait to see this exhibit when I first learned about it.

I went with my sis and as expected the photos are remarkable and eye-catching. Some even had an eerie feel to it. Some works are utterly amazing, particularly the collage-like newspaper pictures. (Sorry, I forgot the Artist). There was also a tribute exhibit to Vicente “Manong Enteng” Manansala. God, he’s one hell of an Artist!

Indeed, it was definitely worth our time, money and effort. I learned more about the arts, the artists, new techniques and possible materials and not to mention, it gave me doses of inspiration. Too bad you can’t take pictures inside the museum.
There was also a follow-up exhibit of selected Filipino artists which is about their reactions to this one which is also in the Met Museum. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see it.



After the exhibit, we went to Flapjacks since we had discount coupons there. It’s our first time eating there and the food was good but I think their Mango Exotica is the best. Eating it makes me thankful I’m alive! We’ll definitely go back there.

You’re Beautiful 

I finished watching the entire series months ago but I still can’t get it over with. I even watched its tagalized version every afternoon. =)

Jang Geun Seok is ♥.

Cats Now and Forever

I’ve been dying to watch it with our very own Leah Salonga. Too bad tickets were all sold out. Sobs. So I just compensate by watching its DVD starring the original cast. It’s a superb performance. I really love the song Memory. Kudos to you Andrew Webber.

Chalk Makeover

I was teary-eyed when I first found out through email that I was chosen to have a makeover with Chalk. I was not expecting it because I sent my email three months ago. It was an unforgettable experience. I just hate myself because I didn’t talk to the other winners that much. In any case, it was fun. I felt like a model for a day. I love the make-up and clothes. I also had a straight hair for a day.

Five Centimeters per Second 

I discovered this through the blog of Pinuna.

It’s my favorite anime at the moment. It is about a love story from three people’s point of view. It also tackles friendship, first love and unrequited love. The film has very stunning visuals and a realistic story though I find the pacing pretty fast. It has a beautiful soundtrack too.

I’ve always been a fan of love stories especially tragic ones and it is exactly like that. This film made me nostalgic and had burst me into tears on the last part. It reminds me of the sad reality of life that we can’t always have what we want all the time.

Basic Nihongo Lessons

I’ve always been drawn on how Japanese speaks. I think they speak very enthusiastically and spontaneously and that’s one reason why I want to learn Nihongo. I’m taking basic lessons now and I’m halfway through my self-study. Hopefully I can make it. I’m also learning basic Japanese writing and God help me. Kanji is quite challenging.


I’ve been listening to their albums for weeks now. There is just something in their music that makes me listen to it over and over and over. Nell is one of the best K-rock bands ever. I’ll blog about them next time. =)

Man, it’s such a long entry. I’ll try to minimize it next time. 

BTW, Halloween is just around the corner, my favorite holiday of the year. I’m more excited about it than Christmas. I’m really praying (closes eyes and crosses fingers) that I will be able to attend a gothic event this year.

I can feel that something good is about to happen. As if a life changing event is about to come and I will kiss, embrace and welcome it with open arms.



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