Dream of Becoming a DJ, Speech Defects and RCS

Music has been my first love and I listen to a lot if its genre because I don’t want to box myself to a certain genre. Unfortunately, I can’t sing nor play any musical instrument. 

I was in third year high school when I got fond of listening to the radio and this fondness made me realized that I can still play music to people somehow by playing their requested songs and that is by being a DJ. This is also one of the reasons why I took up Mass Communication. 

Unfortunately again, I was on my freshman when I learned that I have speech defect with the letters “s” and “th” and I’m a bit dyslexic too that’s why I can’t pronounce some words properly.( Now I finally understand why some of our neighbors kept on teaching me how to pronounce the letter “s” while I was still a kid. It didn’t really sink in to me at that time). 

You probably think that I should’ve improved by now because of my course. Well, maybe I’ve improved a little. I said that because even though we had speech, public speaking and broadcasting classes, my mind was more pre-occupied with other fields of mass communication that lean on Art such as Photojournalism, Film, Theater Arts and many others. 

Anyway, we all know that pronouncing the words right is very crucial if you want to be a DJ but even if I’m a bit dyslexic I still don’t despair. I told myself that once I came across with something that will help me with my pronunciation again; I will really focus on it. And I know I can surpass this weakness of mine someday.  
After sometime, it looks like my prayer has been finally answered.

Two months ago, my sister received a text message regarding a free English proficiency training. This training was offered by RCS and sponsored by TESDA. The said training would last for two weeks and comes with both transportation and meal allowance. It also comes with a TESDA certificate once you finish it. 

Since I didn’t have a job at that time, I found this offer very inviting, not because of its perks but because of the training itself. Okay, I know this is quite shameful for a Mass Communication graduate like me. As a Mass Communication graduate, we are expected to be good in speaking and writing English. But let me just clarify that I have a good grasp of English grammar and I can converse in English properly. But what I’m after for this training is that, it also covers how to pronounce words properly which is what I really need. I know this training would help me improve or even totally get rid of my speech defects. I was certain my classmates, professors and some people would laugh at me if they found out about it. But I didn’t really give a damn as long as I know that this training would help me on being a more efficient communicator. Needless to say, I did join it.

On my first day, I discovered that the training had something to do with being a call center agent. It looks like call centers have ways of finding me (teehee). Okay, I don’t have anything against call centers and I admit that before graduation, it’s part of my plans to apply for it so that I can save money fast for my photography stuff and maybe even for Art School. But later on, I realized that I want my first job to be in line with my course and do something that I really wanted. But since I was already there, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see what would happen. All the trainees had to undergo an initial interview.  At first I thought that you had to pass it before being trained. But later on, I found out that the interview is simply for formality’s sake.

It was past 11 a.m. when the training finally started. The training room was like a classroom set up. Our trainer is Jaime. She was a former pre-school teacher and she is a good trainer, not to mention that she’s really beautiful. Jaime asked us to introduce ourselves to the class and the rest of the day focused on house rules.

On the following days, the training mainly focused on grammar basics, proper way of pronunciation as expected, parts of a call, responsibilities of a customer service representative (CSR) etc. During the training, I met people from different walks of life and I enjoyed their company. I really enjoyed our exercises, games and activities such as public speaking, debates, writing essays and stuff. On the last day we even had a little Christmas play which I directed. It was all fun, I enjoyed it more than I expected. 

Another great thing about the training is that it’s not limited to call centers because I can apply everything that I learned in life in general. One thing that I only regret is that I didn’t talk to my classmates that much again. Sometimes, I’m contented listening to them, that’s why they often asked me why I wasn’t speaking and most of the time my only reply was a smile. I really have to work on this habit of mine, because it’s taking way too far. 

Anyway, I was able to get rid of some of my problems in speaking. As for my letter “s”, I still have my speech defect on it but I know I’m improving. One of my biggest realizations is that, I just have to open my mouth wide enough for me to pronounce the words right. Then, I finally realized why people who are fluent in English sound maarte. They do not really sound maarte (but there are some who really intend to sound like that, not to mention people who want to sound slang but that’s another story) because they’re just pronouncing it the right way and there’s nothing wrong about it.  I guess some Filipinos are not just really used to it.       
My two-week stay was definitely worth it. I am really thankful for that training. I’ve learned a lot of things. My most favorite quote from Jaime is, practice makes perfect and practice makes permanent. It made me realized that I have something to work on and with constant practice I know I will be a better speaker. Who knows I might actually be a DJ? =)
By the way, Happy Holidays everyone.

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