Blog Renovations

By now, you have already noticed how I'm such a huge failure in updating this blog (and my other accounts as well). I hated the fact that it didn't turn out the way I wanted. For some time, it became a blog for the events I attended and worse, a home to my giveaway entries. I tell myself time and again that I will renovate it and put some variety to my posts and time and again I was quite busy with random stuff that I can't seem to start. So the time has come and that is today. I know I can't achieve the result I want overnight, but gradually I will. And these renovations also apply in my life in general and the things I want to mend. So here is for the better things to come. More posts soon. 

Edit: Blog Renovations Part 1

Changed my blog’s layout and it’s much cleaner than before. I intended to have a before and after photo but it’s too late when I realized that I forgot to have a screen shot of my previous layout. My bad. But this is only a temporary one because what I really want is to give it a mori girl feel. Thus, explains the background.
So until my next blog renovation update. :)

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