My Myspace Resurrected

I had updated my Myspace account. I have it for years now but didn't really use it that much since I've only sign up to stalk someone. Hehe. But I haven't added that someone because my account's language was Latino. I didn't know how it happened, it might be my fault. But I didn't mind anyway since I can still see that person's account because it's public. What I didn't like was that even though I understand some few Latino words, I still struggled to get around my account like changing the language into English. I just got lucky that I guessed how to log out. 

So after ages, I opened it again and tried to delete it and it suddenly hit me to Google how to change its language into English (I'm such a dork I know, I should've thought of that before!). Found some instructions, followed them and viola, I succeeded.

And this made me keep my account...but I will not use it that often because I only keep it to show support to my favorite bands and artists (by adding them) and to receive updates from them as well. I also added some bands and artists I like. As for that someone, I finally added her but I don't think she will accept it because it's been years since she last updated but that's fine I'm still stalking her on FB. Haha!

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