I'm Not Dead: My (Supposedly) May Photodiary

Warning: Lengthy post ahead to make up for not updating regularly.

May has already ended and the rainy season officially started on this side of the world. Some probably won't agree but I prefer this season over summer, not to mention scorching, season we had weeks ago. 

So, how's everyone? As for me, I'm excited to go back to school though that certain time of my life was over. I miss school especially college. That's certainly one of the best years of my life until graduation came and everyone's busy growing up and making a living while I'm left rusting. But this rusting phase will certainly be over soon for I'm ready to start and ready to fight. Ahh, enough of this emoness. Let's check May's highlights.

  • done preparing for that something and I hope everything falls into place.
  • stopped my picture diary for a while but hopefully I'll come back to it again this June.
  • visited a Korean store and got some awesome loot.
  • started watching Grimm.
  • done watching Prison Break Season 2.
  • also watched The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (US version). Though I still prefer the original film, I'm more attracted to Lisbeth Salander (played by Rooney Mara) on this one.
  • been bitten by a dog and the best part of it is injections. Three in a row. Haha.
  • started shooting on film only to find out that the film wasn't placed properly. So yeah, back to square one.
  • finally got a pottermore account. Yay!
  • still in the process of fixing my screwed up sleeping pattern.
EDIT: I watched the original version of The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo again and I still prefer it only I realized that I have equal attraction to Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara who both played Lisbeth Salander.

Lastly, this blog will be on hiatus mode again. Yes, for the nth time. Our computer is still dead and without it, I can't take photos since it's the only place I store and post-process them. If your suggesting computer shop? I'm sorry but I won't take the risk of having viruses on any of my files. But, I'll shoot again on film starting this month so let's see where it would lead to. Okay? I might be back by the end of June. See you again. Tata for now.  :)

PS: The photo above is one of the photos I took last year. You can also view some of them on my Tumblr and Flicker.


Danielle Austria said...

Hey Tolens. I miss school too! And hey, post some photos!
Also, I sorta have something for you. I'll message you on Facebook sometime this week. :)

April Joy Tolentino said...

Actually, I'm itching to do a photo shoot that is so overdue, but because of my current situation I simply can't. What's that? Now I have something to look forward to. :) 

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