October in a Nutshell

Let's see what October had brought me.

  • Found out that the record of my singing when I was a child was lost (maybe erased) on the tape.

Just a little back story: Dad was fond of recording music/voice on tape. He was able to record my a bit of my of singing wooden heart. Sayang, I wanted to record it on phone or convert it to mp3.  I hope we can retrieve it again.

  • Was able to find Cd's I've burned when I was still in 1st year high school. they are consist of M2M's two albums, an album of Mandy Moore and another one by Blue. So glad to find out that they're still working except for Blue.
  • Attended a Karma, Reincarnation and Soulmates seminar with sis. Thanks Dad for sponsoring.
  • Done with Fringe Season 2 finally.
  • Watched a back-to-back Hayao Miyazaki films.
  • Borrowed a vintage Polaroid camera. Will used as a prop for a future shoot.
  • Was supposed to go to the cemetery with my family and Lola. We're already in front of the cemetery when Lola had a stroke (it was her third) and we witnessed it firsthand. It was a scary experience but she was doing fine now. Thank God. 
  • Was supposed to attend 10th Eternal Death Wake Anniversary for the Halloween but we simply can't. So we just compensated by visiting the National Museum while it still had free entrance.

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