Not-So-Kind August

I'm not in the mood for introductions right now so let's get going.

  • Enjoyed watching the recent Olympics and found myself cheering for Russia most of the time. Not that I didn't support our country. It's just that the sports I look forward to (such as Synchronized Swimming and Gymnastics) every Olympics didn't have a Philippine representative.
  • My family was lucky that the flood didn't fully enter the house during Habagat but the rainy season had left us with damp stuffs due to dripping ceilings. This led us to have some sort of general cleaning that also led me to find things I thought I lost and things I didn't know I posses in the first place. I was also surprised to realize that I've been hiding a lot of coins all over the house. I think I found more than a hundred pesos all in all. Haha.
  • I promise myself to watch every Academy Awards Best Picture nominee that I will encounter. This month I was able to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011) directed by Stephen Daldry. Good story and good plot. I love Oskar Schell's character (played by Thomas Horn). I think   Horn is someone to watch out for. In fact, he has won twice in Phoenix Film Critics Society for Breakthrough Performance on Camera and Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role - Male. My next stop would be Inglorious Bastards.
  • Made sure that I've accomplished certain things before I resume my job hunting (haven't been able to do it due to bad weather). I've also cut my hair as if that matters.

Here are the not-so-kind parts:
  • For days, I've been depressed for I was blaming myself for a loss of a guinea pig and death of a kitten and I wasn't even responsible for those things. It's just that I kept on thinking the might have beens. If it was an ideal situation, I could have saved and adopted them.
  • After that phase, another one followed. This time I was faced with an old enemy of mine and it's none other than my self. I was consumed by self-loathing, shame, disappointments, frustrations and the like. Not to mention a series of painful memories came crashing down. Basically, I was miserable but I'm doing good now. I'm get used to this phase but it's still difficult every time. Ahh, my vicious mental and emotional cycle.
  • And guess what? My insomnia has gotten worse. I always woke every afternoon. Damn it! I'll make sure I'll fix that soon.

I hope September would be kinder. 

I realized the photos I'm posting for the previous months are way irrelevant for my posts. Anyway, the one above was taken from my Flicker.


Danielle Austria said...

Have a better month, Tolens! :)

April Joy Tolentino said...

Thanks Dani. :)

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