Favorite MVs (the recent ones)

Hi!  As promised I'm back with my top 5 recent fave MVs. Enjoy!

I've always love the concept of a lost love and the 70's/80's lifestyle (times which I always thought a good time to live) and this is a good mix of the two. It has a good narrative and good art direction as well. A very sentimental song especially  if you can relate to it. In fact, I made a blog post about it. 

A romantic MV with an eyegasmic lighting. I love the song as well.

What I called the stalker music video that has an interesting twist at the end. I can pretty relate to it for I'm also online one at least.

I love its concept of you and me against the world plus the lovers' self-destructive behavior. Good lyrics as well. I also like its retro-ish feel and style of editing. 

A heart crushing song +  a lonesome  and seemingly dark atmosphere = A favorite MV of all time

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