September Report

This month was okay. Nothing too fancy but much better than August. Let's find find out why:

  • Finally done with the voter's registration and it only took 15 minutes to finish. Thanks to the easy, breezy, (beautiful cover girl) processing of COMELEC in Las Piñas City. Was also able to purchase some mail stamps to add to my sister's and I growing stamp collection. Talk about philately.
  • Helped my cousin with his abstract painting that also served as my first attempt working on that field. The result? Let's just say I'm not happy with it.
  • Sis and I visited Heroes, an art exhibit by the late Tony de Zuñiga. His works are just awesome. It's just sad that cameras are not allowed inside. The only photos I got was the exhibit's poster and some of his works (outside the gallery) which I took when I watched Cinemalaya last July. Also had a glimpse of The Phantom of the Opera exhibit. I hope I could watch the show itself this month. After that, we headed to the bookstore and meet up with Dad who just finished his bowling tournament with his colleagues. Sadly, they didn't win. 
  • Discovered a film called Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus and it was instantly added on my list of  my favorite films.
  • We also had a yellow love bird as our one night only guest. A neighbor asked us to keep it for the night because he couldn't go home that night. Since we don't have a cage, we put it inside Suerte's (my kitten) house. Suerte was pretty upset when she saw the bird. As a result (and maybe as her form of disapproval), she didn't use her litter box for two days. What a kitten!
  • Started my job hunting and I've been targeting a certain gov't. office. I hope everything will fall into place.
  • So glad that Different Sunday is back! It's a six-hour radio show aired every Sunday at Jam 88.3. It plays covers, versions and everything in between (as it says on their FB page). I discovered  it last month and enjoyed their awesome, relaxing, and nostalgic playlist. Another good thing about it is that, it has few commercials, if not none at all. Though there are stingers played on almost every song, these are very quick. Later on, I found out that it was the show's last episode on the day I discovered it. So I was very excited to know it's back on a new time slot (6pm- midnight) and new set of stingers.
  • Last day of the month was supposed to be spent on Cosplay Mania '12 on the very last minute but changed my mind he very last minute. Talk about fickle mindedness.  The rest of the night was spent listening to Different Sunday.

P.S. Since the Ber months are here, I accompanied this post with a bokeh shot of Christmas lights (taken from here), signalling the Holidays. Ciao Guys! :D

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